What is hotel duvet cover?

Duvet covers are made of various materials. Cotton is mostly used because it’s highly breathable. With microfiber inside will bring warm for cold climates. A five star hotel duvet cover using combed cotton, sateen weave and high thread count fabric material.

Throwing large, fluffy bedspreads into a quilt requires skill and determination, but keeping them inside requires cable ties, buttons, or zippers. Many duvet covers can be closed using buttons, but closing them with zips saves you the time and trouble of fixing each button. However, most hotel housekeepers prefer full open hotel duvet cover to save time.

Care instructions
One main reason to use a duvet cover is to avoid cleaning the comforter frequently. Especially when the hair has fallen and requires special cleaning. To understand if your duvet cover is machine washable and dryer safe, keep in mind the care instructions.