About Peanutextile

We work with the hospitality sector to provide beautiful, high quality, durable linen that keeps customers satisfied and exceeds expectations.

Current Status

As a professional hotel linen supplier in China running for decades, we fuses our expertise in production & quality control with mature logistics system, which creating a product & service oriented organization.

Today, we supply to vast clients like hotel, retailer, secondary processing plant….with wide range of hotel linens products from top-of-the-line luxury to budget-conscious quality.

Special Service

We consult carefully with every client on quality, durability and budget to ensure they always have the best linen for their business requirements.

You can get our samples by giving details of linen specifications you want to have before ordering. We will gladly send you samples to test or to compare with your current linen.

Create or maintain your brand reputation and customer loyalty by utilizing our private label manufacturing program. Your Customers, Your Products, Your Brand.

We pack all items produced by us to ensure order requirements are met and to guarantee safe shipment of your products. We prepare all customs documentation so all you need to do is receive the shipment.

Our Products

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