You can sample our products by simply filling out our contact form and give us details of your current hotel linen specifications. We will gladly send you samples for your housekeepers to test or to compare with your current linen.

Once the Purchase Order is submitted, we begin designing your personal production plan. We then start immediate production of the sample with the detailed specifications you’ve provided. We will send you your sample prior to production. Once you approve the sample, we start bulk production. We will then send you a production sample. Production time usually takes 10-20 days. We monitor all production phases strictly from start to finish. We keep you updated with the details during the process.

We strictly monitor and confirm that all plans, materials, techniques and craftsmanship have been perfected prior to production. All phases of production are followed though from start to finish according to plan. Once the bulk of production is complete, we confirm the quality once again prior to shipping your order. Samples will be sent to you prior to production and during production. Your satisfaction and the quality of our products is our business and we love keeping our customers happy.

Cotton is grown all over the world. High quality cotton yarn is spun up of long staple fibres. This is vital in producing good quality yarn and from this you can produce good quality cotton. Egyptian cotton is made from long staple fibres as is cotton from other countries. The Egyptian cotton producers have spent many years and large amounts of money promoting the “Egyptian Cotton” Brand. This is why it has become synonymous with high quality.
  Interestingly, the top five cotton producing countries in the world are China, USA, India, Pakistan and Brazil in that order. China produces approx 25.5 Million Bales per year (6,000tonnes); Egypt in comparison produces just 1 Million Bales. These figures considered it is impossible for there to be so much authentic Egyptian cotton on sale as there is. The actual truth is that most of the cotton based products, for example bed linen, coming out of Egypt are made from imported cotton from India and Pakistan.

The certification ensures the human-ecological safety of textile products in all stages of production (raw materials and fibers, yarns, fabrics, end products). Products that are OEKO-TEX certified are absent of allergenic dyes, pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances. The certification is voluntary and must be updated annually.

Typically well finished cotton will shrink around 3-4% after the first wash and then never again. We build shrinkage in to the measurements of our sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases so that once washed they will be the size required to fit perfectly.

Fill power is a numerical value of how much volume one ounce of down truly occupies. The higher the number, the more volume this one ounce will cover. There is also an index with the down fill power which lists insulation strength.

No, the birds are bred for food primarily. The down and feathers used are a by-product of the food industry. Similar to Wool and Leather.

We’ll be happy to send catalog photos, swatches or samples to you.

Yes, We do offer customized service for all our products with you specified fabric, design, size, color & packing. You can email us and we’ll calculate the price, production and delivery times for you.