Why there is price difference for polyester fiber pillows?

Frequently asked by some clients, though two pillows filled with polyester fiber, why the price is so different?

In fact, polyester fibers are a large family, divided into many categories, and each category has different fiber properties. Of course, the prices are different. Below is a brief list of some common fibers.

The fineness of a fiber is an index of the thickness of the fiber, which is represented by dtex (abbreviated as “D”). Typical specifications for traditional bedding are 6D, 7D, 8D, 15D, etc., and the length is usually 64mm. 7D polyester fiber pillows are comfortable and relatively inexpensive.

Another type fiber is called hollow fiber, the more pores in the fiber, the better the breathability, warmth, bulkiness and softness. Since air is stored in the cavity, the more holes there are, the more air will be. Therefore, there are some “holes” that can be used to keep you warm in winter and summer. This fiber is more expensive than 7D cotton.

Microfiber has a soft and soft feel and lightness, good warmth, extra fineness and elasticity. You can make a comforter to some extent if you make it from bedding, but the price is much cheaper than a down comforter.