What is “percale” bedding means?

This comes from the French word “percale”, a cotton fabric made in France in the early 17th century. Percale is a tightly woven fabric, usually made of cotton, with at least 180 counts per square inch. The dough is of medium weight, sturdy and smooth. Made of combed yarn and combed yarn. High count gives the fabric a soft, silky feel.

The yarn count in the retail sector can be as high as 1,000 yarns, but most hotels today typically only require 300 yarns. A single weft construction means that only one warp thread can be delivered each time the loom is turned on. This slows down the loom and increases manufacturing costs. Although costly, the single weft construction results in a tighter weave for the fabric, resulting in a better shape, smoother feel and longer service life than double weft. If the number of threads exceeds 300/400, it is necessary to insert multiple wefts (yarns) in the fabric as no more threads can be inserted per inch. If the number of threads is high, then 2/3 or 4 threads that may be inserted each time. This makes the fabric heavier, but not necessarily better. Linen is rough and uneven.