How to make hotel bedroom more perfect?

Here are five tips to turn your room into a perfect hotel bedroom.

These skills are essential to transforming a room from a normal hotel room into a stylish and respectful hotel experience. Pillow protectors are the main keys that help protect a plush pillow and reduce the quality of the pillow. There should be one in every hotel bedroom. Our stitched polypropylene pillow protectors are perfect for improving your sleep, comfort and making your pillow more durable, ideal for preventing marks and stains.

Pillow cover

The key to a perfect hotel experience, our microstriped pillowcase collection is made from 100% cotton yarn. The 5mm satin stripes give the bedroom bedding the perfect taste. Striped pillowcases are available in four styles: Oxford, Housewife, Bag and Euro Oxford. 200 threads, 115gsm. Add a microstriped duvet cover to your bedding.

Fitted sheet

This is what every hotel bedroom needs, and is not only practical, but also comfortable to sleep in. The simple bedding comes in 5 colors and comes in various sizes of flat sheets, fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases, making it perfect for bedding. Our dyed bedding can be mixed and combined to complement the interior of your hotel bedroom.

Mattress protector

Very suitable for protecting the mattress, keeping it clean and extending its life. A stitched polypropylene mattress protector is secured to the mattress with an elasticated skirt. Polypropylene fabric is moisture and stain resistant. Our polypropylene mattress protectors are available in four sizes.


Having all the important experiences in the hotel bedroom is one of the two most important factors. Our goose down feather pillows are the ultimate luxury. Made with the best goose down, a gorgeous goose down pillow is recommended to add this quality to your hotel bedroom.

Duvet Inner

Our most important factor in perfecting your hotel’s comfort, our duvets range from single duvets to extra-large duvets. From economical hollow fiber to luxurious goose-down duvets, we offer a range of duvets to meet all your budget needs, offering our guests the services to ensure their guests a peaceful night’s sleep. This type of additional activity uses high quality goose down and a goose down duvet made of feathers (85% goose down / 15% goose feather) to slip using a piping quilt in a box construction. It is recommended to prevent and prevent excess feathers from feeling soft. Suitable for luxury hotels and ideal hotel bedrooms.