The raw material of the towel directly determines the quality of the towel, and the price of different raw materials varies greatly. The raw materials used for quality towels must be 100% cotton, 21s,21s/2, 32s, 32s/2, or 40s. The advantage of Cotton Hotel Towels is that they cannot be compared to other chemical fiber towels. How to distinguish whether the hotel towel is pure cotton, just pay attention to the following:

Water absorption

Cotton hotel towels have good water absorption, take a cotton towel gently into the water, if towels absorptly rapidly and sink quickly, you can remove and wring dry, suspend it, no water droplets ,it is of the cotton. Polyester towel absorbs water slowly. After it has been wrung out, there are water droplets when hang vertically.


The pure cotton towel has good whiteness. It is easy to differ with the polyester towel, because usually the polyester towel is dark. 

Combustion method

Take one fiber from different towels and burn it with a lighter. The cotton has a natural gray smell. After the fire extinguishing head of the fiber is turned on. To the contrary, polyester towel burns quickly and smells.