The filling of down products is mainly divided into white goose down, gray goose down, white duck down, gray duck down,mixed goose down and duck down.

In terms of warmth, goose down is better than duck down. Generally speaking, the volume of goose down fiber is larger than that of duck down fiber, and the fixed air volume is also larger than that of duck down fiber, so it is naturally warmer than duck down.

The limit temperature of 1500G duck down on the market is up to -29 degrees. The 1500G goose down limit temperature is at least -40 degrees.This is also an important reason why goose down is better than duck down.

In terms of odor, the duck is a omnivorous animal, and there is a smell in the duck down. Although it can be eliminated after treatment, it is said to be reversed again; the goose is a herbivore and there is no smell in the velvet.

The main difference between gray velvet and white velvet is the color.White can be widely used in light-colored fabrics, which are not transparent, so white velvet is generally slightly more expensive than gray.

For duvets, the quality depends mainly on the down content and cashmere charge.According to industry standards, the general down content must be higher than 50%, which can be called down products, otherwise it can only be called feather products.

The higher the down content, the better the quality; the larger the down flower, the higher the filling power.